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With over 30 years of experience, delivering applications and helping businesses grow.


Qualisoft provides high level services in all the life-cycle stages of software product development to improve significantly its quality, including:
  • Consultancy -  Turn your product into a winning one with quality process improvement
           Top level consultancy: to high and medium level management in the organization

  • Manpower - Qualisoft is using its vast experience in IT systems, Telecommunication and Real Time systems to find and adapt the required software engineer from entry level up to high management level to meet customer requirements.

  • Assessment: Mapping of organization goals and needs based on Agile models in key process
    areas (KPA), performing gap analysis and providing recommendations for improvement.

    Mentoring - Based on the assessment results and its recommendations a quality process improvement project implementation plan is defined and deployed.

    Training in modern software development and testing methodologies, including:
    • Modern software development methodologies and techniques
    • Modern testing methodologies and techniques

What People Say

 עבדתי עם חברת קווליסופט בפרוייקטים שונים והשירות היה מקצועי ביותר!"


 Qualisoft company is an innovative firm in the industry that's been around for a long time. With products such as Email and Outlook automation and general search engines. The company also does consulting for firms in the fields of advanced software design processes"


 גייסנו עם תהליך ההשמה של קווליסופט ואנחנו מרוצים עד היום"



מחפש עבודה

Qualisoft is looking for talented and experienced industry specialists.
Send us your CV. Apply via email to 

משרות חמות

 SEO מקדם מותג 

מחקר וניתוח מילות מפתח  

ביצוע אופטימיזציה לאתרים  

כתיבת תוכן שיווקי למותג  

מומחה אנליטיקס וסרץ' קונסול  

קידום אתרים לצורך מותג  

Front End Developer

  • At Least 2 Year of experience in Web Client-side development.
  • Experience in working with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience in components libraries
  • Advantage - knowledge and experience in ES6
  • Advantage - Java development experience




WordPress Expert

php, jquery, html, css

Wordpress Programmer and site builder

mySql and other database(advantage)

JavaScript for website construction

Ability to work independently and with off-site team.

Proven problem designer and solver.


Senior Java Developer

BSc in Computer Science, Computer Engineering Must.
Strong understanding of Java with at least 5 years of Java programming experience.
Experience with Spring MVC/Spring Boot.
Experience with NoSQL databases: mongo/redis/BigQuery.
Experience with AWS or GoogleCloud.
Familiarity with test-driven development.
Love of architecting and writing clean, simple, well modularized code.
Experience with multi-threading patterns.


Experience with CI/CD/Automatic deployment.
Work in agile methodology. 

Senior Full Stack

5+ years of proven hands-on Software Development experience.
Strong background in computer science fundamentals data structures, Object-Oriented and multi threading.
C# or java or Node.JS.
Hands on experience in designing and developing large scale highly performing applications.
Experience with Relational/SQL Server/Non relational Databases.
Fast learner.


Experience with Enterprise production systems.
Experience with micro-services, docker containers.
Experience with test-driven development.
Previous experience with Cloud deployment.


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Qualisoft has been founded by former Vice President of software development and testing technology in Negev Software Industries (NSI) and senior consultant in Digital Equipment Corporation and senior lecturer in Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion universities of Software Engineering and Telecommunication courses for many years.

The company has extensive local and international experience in managing, project management, consultancy in software quality process improvement.

Qualisoft also has expertise in research and development of engineering projects in the areas of telecommunication and networking.

Involvement in Cloud technologies, information systems, CRM products, contact centers is also a part of the experience the company has.

This is a product of years of experience with Consultancy in Software Development, Process Improvement, Quality Assurance and Software Automated testing of Qualisoft personnel.

In the last 15 years Qualisoft personnel provided high level management of projects and their managers and consultancy to international customers like HP, Oracle, Computer Associates and for many Israeli high tech companies like Comverse, Telrad, Nice, Scitex, Visa-Cal, Cellcom, and to Banking sector as Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Bank Discount, BATM Advanced Communication

It has also collaborated for finding quality manpower for the companies appearing above.



Qualisoft company has been established in 2006 with a vision to provide practical solutions to software quality process improvement for Israeli high-tech companies.

This includes Consulting, Manpower, and Mentoring.

Improvement in software quality may reduce product development cost dramatically, because 80 to 90% of costs go toward maintenance to fix, adapt and expand the delivered software.

Software quality is based on the following key elements:

Iterative Robust Software Development Model – Spiral or its modern presentation called Agile

Quality Engineering – that facilitates prevention of quality problems at the early stages of product design and development utilizing state of the art Object-Oriented
modeling design technologies and establishing concurrent
coding and testing practices

Implementing modern Verification and Validation techniques

Measurement and Analysis – to drive continuous improvement in all quality parameters by a goal oriented measurement system

Augmenting all of the above in a structured process framework using CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrative) as a reference model and modern Agile processes

Qualisoft provides high level services in all the life-cycle stages of product development to improve significantly its quality, including:

  • Consultancy in quality process improvement
  • Manpower
  • Training in modern software development and testing methodologies
  • Mentoring