Making software happen securly and robustly

Infinity isn't the limit, surely not the sky.

  •  The company was established at 1955 with personnel comprising of the pioneers leading Silicon Wadi

  • We are experienced with situations all over the map of the Wadi and also handle V capital assets and angels when necessary

  • Computer Science philosophy happening with the help of hardware and software engineering

  • Join us today for an unequivocal experience with technology and its modern use as a Metallurgist, a Software composer or a Quality assurance tester

  • With over 67 years of experience in sheep herding in the  wadi:)!

מחפש עבודה?

Qualisoft is looking for talented and experienced industry specialists.

 Apply via email to jobs@qualisoft.co.il

משרות חמות


  • Herzliya, Israel
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 I met for an hour with Qualisoft representative and learned about how to make processes right from all the verticals necessary for my Online Merchandise business. This one hour consultation continued with more advice along the way free of charge. 


 I worked with these engineers for years and was very happy as the products were always on time and pro. Today they judge who is the next hotshot in bringing reality to virtuality fastly and surely. 

David Mandel

 גייסנו עם התהליך של חברת זו והעובדים נשארו אצלנו עד היום. אמינות, נאמנות ומקצועיות חרוטים על דגלה של קווליסופט. ממליצים בחום להתעניין בהשקעות החברה במיזמים שונים. 

Ron Cohen

 The meeting with Qualisoft reprehensive was a coaching present I got for my new job and 30 birthday, so things are done right. I graduated with honors with an MA but this was also my downfall. After just one session I knew the path to success in my new role, and since the first meeting is free, we didn't even have to pay and invited Qualisoft representative for a meal. He was on a diet and was insulted, but kept helping my company reach their goals after. 

Merab CohenCOO