Making software happen

50 years of experience delivering applications and helping businesses grow.

  •  The company was established at 2005 with personnel comprising of the pioneers leading Silicon Wadi

  • We are experienced with situations all over the map of the Wadi and also handle V capital assets and angels when necessary

  • Computer Science philosophy happening with the help of hardware and software engineering

  • Join us today for an unequivocal experience with technology and its modern use as a Metallurgist, a Software composer or a Quality assurance tester

  • With over 42 years(father and son) of experience in sheep herding in the  wadi:)!

משרות חמות

International Growth Manager

  • Applied cellular growth proficiency on all verticals
  • Proven adaptation to market situations fluently and fluidly
  • 8 Years engineering*7 years Management
  • Visual calculations abilities with excel or other tools
  • General analytics resulting in live BLDI

Front End Developer

  • At Least 2 Year of experience in Web Client-side development.
  • Experience in working with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience in components libraries
  • Advantage - knowledge and experience in ES6
  • Advantage - Java development experience


TTS/VR Expert

  • Familiar with Dutoit's work
  • Proven experience on Shazam or such application
  • Advantage - Bell labs(or other) former employee
  • Advantage - Algorithms PhD

מחפש עבודה?

Qualisoft is looking for talented and experienced industry specialists
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  • Herzliya, Israel
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You have reached the center of operations

 I met for an hour with Qualisoft representative and learned about how to make processes right from all the verticals necessary for my Contec company. This one hour consultation continued with more advice along the way free of charge."

Maya EmunaTrustier Contec Company

 With the expertise of Qualisoft on the digital era we we decided the digital era is inadmissible in a court of law , so are currently going back to 1905 to see what we can do next. Thank you for your time Qualisoft. Anyone going digital with our company is on their own as far as the law is concerned."

Yakir Solutions

 No need for light bulbs or Apples when dealing with the personnel of Qualisoft company"

David H. Mandel