Qualisoft provides high level services in all the life-cycle stages of software product development to improve significantly its quality, including:
  • Consultancy -  Turn your product into a winning one with quality process improvement
           Top level consultancy: to high and medium level management in the organization

  • Manpower - Qualisoft is using its vast experience in IT systems, Telecommunication and Real Time systems to find and adapt the required software engineer from entry level up to high management level to meet customer requirements.

  • Assessment: Mapping of organization goals and needs based on Agile models in key process
    areas (KPA), performing gap analysis and providing recommendations for improvement.

    Mentoring - Based on the assessment results and its recommendations a quality process improvement project implementation plan is defined and deployed.

    Training in modern software development and testing methodologies, including:
    • Modern software development methodologies and techniques
    • Modern testing methodologies and techniques